Christian Matos|July 2021

The filibuster is a brake indeed, standing as the only tool left for dissident senators to tame the Democratic Party’s legislative agenda. And despite the Democrats’ strong defenses of the minority in other realms, many Democratic senators are voicing support of seriously modifying one of the only tools at the disposal of political minorities...


George Sdregas|July 2021

Justice Kavanaugh was on to something, as just nine days later, on July 1st, the NCAA dropped its rules barring students from capitalizing on their own name, image, and likeness. This news came as no surprise; pressure from states and universities alike, along with countless athletes, made this decision inevitable. However, problems abound following this decision, notably in that it leaves room for a great deal of confusion and inconsistencies...


Joshua Burg|July 2021

As millions of people worldwide continue to face mass expulsion, imprisonment, and killings, the failure to prevent these occurrences weighs on the collective conscience of the developing and developed world alike. Why is it that the Rohingyan Genocide, the ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans, or the mass detention of Uighurs can persist despite decades of precedent, and what should we or can we, as Americans, do differently?


Raj Ashar|July 2021

On July 3rd, a 12-year-old boy and 20-year-old man were shot in Baltimore, each incident occurring mere hours apart from the other. Over the course of the Independence Day weekend in Chicago, 82 people were shot, and 14 were killed. Through the pandemic, violent crime has surged nationwide: homicides rose by 25% in 2020 and the trend has continued...


Joshua Burg|July 2021

In fact, current nuclear reactor projects in Georgia are proving to be billions over budget and years off schedule. An article published by National Geographic, explains how the decades-long pause in constructing new nuclear power plants has led to construction inefficiencies that have led nuclear power costs to be approximately four times as expensive compared to those in Asia. Although the article also cites an MIT study suggesting that standardization of reactors could help to reduce costs, nuclear power is also now in a race...


Jacqueline Hillman|July 2021

Opposition to regulation of content on YouTube amounts to treating the platform as a public space. But YouTube is a private company. Typical conservative, free-market ideals suggest that a private entity should have almost unlimited authority over its policies, standards, and operations of business. Yet Crowder’s complaint is reminiscent of a growing movement...


Brian Carpenter|July 2021

Others proposed that the United States should fund the vaccination of other nations. This proposal garnered bipartisan support with those in favor citing various reasons why they support the U.S. vaccinating the world. While most Americans support international spending to aid other countries in times of need, how much aid, and to whom the United States gives it, continues to...

JUNE 2021


Joshua Burg|June 2021

The United States should, first and foremost, anticipate a possible Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Such anticipation should entail not only policies targeted towards Afghanistan itself but also policies that could curb the success of terror operations within the borders of the U.S. and its allies if organizations such as...


Christian Matos|June 2021

Drive through the nation’s capital for five minutes and you will notice the tongue-in-cheek reference Washington, D.C. license plates bear. The plates read “Taxation Without Representation,” as an homage to one of the first rallying cries...


Teuta Zeneli|June 2021

At this point, we have reached a philosophical and ethical dilemma. We must reconcile a debate on what the state can and should allow children to do regarding their bodies, and when the state should dictate what parents can or cannot decide for their children regarding healthcare decisions. The argument citing the caprice of youth or that children cannot give informed consent to medical treatment is...


Raj Ashar|June 2021

In our interconnected world, where it is almost impossible for governmental activity to go unnoticed on the foreign stage, economic sanctions have become an important aspect of the federal government’s foreign policy toolkit. Used for a variety of different...

MAY 2021


Raj Ashar|May 2021

In President Biden’s recently-announced $2 trillion infrastructure package, the American Jobs Plan, he calls for $50 billion to be spent on the US semiconductor industry. This comes as policymakers on both sides of the aisle are becoming increasingly concerned...


Brian Carpenter|May 2021

Over the past year, the United States has seen an unprecedented public health crisis, which in turn led to an economic crisis. How to handle these intertwined crises has, like seemingly all issues in modern day America, been...

APRIL 2021


Raj Ashar|April 2021

The new tax aims to capture some of the revenues from the surging digital advertising industry, whose revenues have more than quintupled since 2010. A fiscal policy note from the Maryland General Assembly estimates that the tax will collect $250 million in 2021, its first year in effect...


Joshua Burg|April 2021

EV-related pollution often comes from more obscure sources than direct emissions. One of the most significant potential sources of pollution from EVs comes from vehicle charging. When electric vehicles charge, the electricity is generated...


Brian Carpenter|April 2021

Shortly after his election, President Joe Biden promised to build a cabinet that “looks like America.” This promise of increased diversity came as welcome news to Democrats. On his final day in office, President Trump’s cabinet was composed of almost entirely...


Jacqueline Hillman|April 2021

Since its inception in 1948, The Clean Water Act (CWA) has aimed to protect the integrity of our nation’s waterways. The original goal of the CWA was to restore navigable channels such as the Cuyahoga River, which caught fire in 1969 due to sustained oil leakage into...

MARCH 2021


Raj Ashar|March 2021

In recent years, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has gained significant popularity after amassing support from several prominent politicians, including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT). The theory is controversial to say the least...


Teuta Zeneli|March 2021

The bipartisan Global Fragility Act was signed by both chambers of Congress in late 2019 during the Trump presidency. It was backed by over 70 organizations, and is meant to act under the direction of USAID and...


Thomas Bertron|March 2021

Following the lead of multiple states, New Jersey legalized the possession and usage of marijuana on February 22, 2021. Under the new law, possession of six ounces or less of marijuana by people 21 years or older is not considered...



Joshua Burg|February 2021

In January of 1872, under the purview of President Ulysses S. Grant, Congress passed the General Mining Act. The law was intended to encourage settlement...


Raj Ashar|February 2021

Recently, Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) introduced the Raise the Wage Act of 2021, which calls for a gradual increase in the minimum wage each...


Raj Ashar|February 2021

With much fanfare, in December 2020 both Pfizer and Moderna released their vaccines to the public, touted with high efficacy...


Jason Siegelin|February 2021

There is an invisible monster lurking beneath Nebraska, contaminating the state’s groundwater. Its name is nitrate pollution...


Teuta Zeneli|February 2021

"Would you like to donate to build a school in Africa?” Given the assumption that giving to charity is a good thing, there should be no controversy...