Midwestern Citizen is a non-partisan undergraduate publication, based at the University of Michigan and present at universities across the country.


We provide readers with analysis and commentary focused on law, policy, and sociocultural phenomena, published twice every month.


Our writers are committed to dispassionate, intense reflection on pressing societal issues, both present and historical, and we are known for our aggressively intellectual style. The objective of MC is to promote the free exchange of ideas that consider what it takes to build a flourishing society of responsible, free-thinking individuals.

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A note from the editor in chief:

"Midwestern Citizen embodies a belief in the Free American Voice, that hypothetical voice that isn't drowned out or polluted by shallow partisanship and tribal political agendas. It's that uniquely American voice, proud in its deference to intellectual expression and unimpeded thought. 


Ours is not a political objective, but a psychological one. How do we enable free  thought to thrive in a society encumbered by political talking points and incomplete, half-baked ideas?


The answer lies in MC's non-partisan ethos, which enables us to pursue the truth, avoid the entanglement of meaningless partisan game-playing, and consider comprehensive legal, political, and societal topics through a normative, clear lens. Our writing is healthier, more transparent, and conducive to the truth-seeking that all of us, at our core, need.


We believe that today's political discourse has been hijacked and perverted into a source of tribal entertainment. Entire media companies have been constructed to fuel the hamster wheel of partisan rage on both sides of the aisle, and the nation wonders why its popular discourse is so corrupted and shallow.


Yet non-partisanship, with its agendaless, rigorous, evenhanded pursuit of the truth, is the way towards a freer, more productive political and legal discourse. That's our founding principle.

Join us on our journey to tell the truth. In today's world, we think we're taking a step in the right direction."

-Jason Siegelin


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