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June 2021

Joshua Burg

Will Sharps | June 2021

The concept of freedom of speech in the United States carries with it a unique history. The First Amendment, protecting free speech, asserts that Congress does not have the power to create laws which prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge freedom of speech, press, or the citizens’ right to peacefully assemble in protest. This special importance placed on freedom of speech in America...

Christian Matos|June 2021

Drive through the nation’s capital for five minutes and you will notice the tongue-in-cheek reference Washington, D.C. license plates bear. The plates read “Taxation Without Representation,” as an homage to one of the first rallying cries...

Nils Peterson|June 2021

While other potential reasons to adopt compulsory national service programs exist, most prominently during times of existential war, the schism of the American electorate appears to be the prime problem that national service might aim to fix, since such a program would bring...